Dr. Robotnik's Ring Racers

Spray Cans
Spray Cans are the mechanism to unlock different color palettes. These color palettes can be applied to characters and pets. A single Spray Can is found in every Course, excluding Prisons and Special Stages.
Spray Cans can be obtained in any gamemode, including Time Attack, Online and Match Play. As many Spray Cans are difficult to obtain without using the Spring item, the easiest way to reach most Spray Cans is in Match Play mode with CPUs disabled. Items can be tuned to those most beneficial to reaching the Spray Can on a particular course. Only the particularly tricky spray cans will be listed here - the ones that aren't here either I haven't figured out or are easily obtained with a Pogo Spring or through the environment. Ask if you need help!
Course Listing
Storm Rig
Sonic at Storm Rig Zone. Photo credit: Point36 Turn left once you reach this point in the track.
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