Dr. Robotnik's Ring Racers

Welcome to Myles' Dr. Robotnik's Ring Racers site! Here you'll find info on the mechanics of the game, how to unlock characters, secret stages, colors, and more!
Basic Mechanics
• Information on how the game works that might not be covered directly in the tutorials.
Tips & Tricks
• Miscellaneous advice on things you can do to improve your gameplay!
Unlocks & Challenges
• Photos and videos explaining how to complete some of the less obvious challenges, such as the secret Shrines.
Tracks & Characters
• A listing of all the Courses and Characters in the game and their respective unlocking requirements.
Spray Cans
• How to get to those Spray Cans and get all your desired color palettes! Plus an unlock order of the various colors.
• Here's where you'll find info on who made this site possible.

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