The Yoshi Fighter Catalogue

Veterans of the "Mario" series will know that there is more than one Yoshi. In fact, there is a whole island full of Yoshis! Yoshis exist in all kinds of colors, shapes, and sizes, with a good dozen or so 'canon' designs. Such color variety wasn't necessary for online creatives to generate hundreds and hundreds of original Yoshi characters, but it certainly helped. Yoshi's predilection with wrapping up foes with its tongue and swallowing them was common among its species, a trait shared with relatively few contemporary video game protagonists.

I wanted to document a few of the Yoshis that have been added to the fighting game "M.U.G.E.N." as this is a diverse and somewhat weird scene - definitely a form of art on its own. If you want a link to any of these and can't find it online, contact me for a file!

Note that this page will not document characters that are "just Yoshi." The aim is to catalogue what others have created beyond the boundaries of the green dinosaur. Also note that this list is not by any means exhaustive - these files are very sparsely distributed. If you are aware of any other characters I may have missed, let me know!

Yosh - author: Yosh Dinosaur, last updated November 30, 2021.
Mecha Yoshi - author: CyberLizard & Yagoshi, last updated July 7, 2013.
Ultra Hyper Mecha Lowa Yoshi Alter - author: öOé╔é═öOé≡j, last updated February 19, 2023.
Created as an April Fool's joke. Portrait uses some Fate character with big red eyes and white hair... Sorry, I don't know who it is.

Austin - author: Austin, last updated August 8, 2017.
MegaYoshi - author: HedgehogMac, last updated August 17, 2013.
Marcioleo123 - author: Marcioleo123, last updated September 9, 2018.

MegaYoshi 2nd Ver - author: HedgehogMac, last updated January 17, 2019.
MacYoshi - author: JUIZ, last updated September 17, 2015.
Mugencene - author: Nathan the Awesome Kid, last updated July 28, 2018.

Jessie The Yoshi - author: Pizzasause, last updated May 13, 2015.
An edit of the Yoshi from 'Kart Fighter'.